Recent Films

On Saturday 3 October, you are invited to discover a selection of the recent and international dance films which were submitted to us. This year, the twenty-eight films will be divided into three screenings.

Tarifs : 6€/4€ tarif réduit par séance.

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15:00 Session 1

transferred (and) meltdown chickadee oasis livingroom thesun scope hongkong

  • Transferred Impressions, Kaizerin Lungie Tanzil, Singapour
  • (and) about time (too), Jin Young Park, République de Corée et Portugal
  • Meltdown, Felipe Teixeira, Brésil
  • Chickadee, Chan Sze-Wei, Macau
  • Oasis, Romain Bonac, France
  • Living Room, Alexandros Nouskas Varelas, Grèce
  • The Sun Also Rises, Chen Yujia, Chine
  • Scope, Paulina Rutman, Chili
  • Umbrella Dance for Honk-Kong, Wong King Fai, Hong-Kong

17:00 Session 2


  • Bring to Light, Thomas Slemieniec et Bertrand Vacarisas, France
  • Golden, Kate Mitchell, Etats-Unis
  • CORPS US, Mathilde Neau, France
  • Breath to Breath , Miloushka Bokma, Pays-Bas
  • Memory Frame, Alessandro Amaducci, Italie
  • Timeless, Anji Taratuta, Russie
  • HANNAH, Portrait number 6, Clotilde Rullaud, France
  • Hold me, Alex Aikiu, France
  • Soliloquio*, María Mayoral Moreno, Mexique

19:30 Session 3

loroassenza nowmoving spectre cobert solo canyoucount relearning nelydna sepia mcheza

  • La loro presente assenza, Salvatore Insana, Italie
  • Now Moving Into, Gisela Ferreira, Portugal
  • Spectre, Sebastien De Buyl, Etats-Unis
  • Covert - Encobertos, Lilian Graça, Brésil
  • Solo, Uladzimir Slizhyk, Biélorussie
  • Can You Count to 100 ? Daphna Mero, Israël
  • Re-learning how to fly, Daniela Alvares Beskow, Brésil
  • NILYDNA, Jll Crovisier, Taiwan et Luxembourg
  • Sepia, Gabriel Schneider, Israël
  • Mcheza Ngoma, Michael Maurissens, Tanzanie et Allemagne