Recent part


.This year the jury has gathered and made the selection out of the nearly 200 recent dancefilms submitted. The jury is composed of the artistic directors Stefanie Bodien and Wolfgang Kolb and two external members : Rudi Maerten and Rolf Quaghebeur.

14:00 Session 1: DOCU: Looking at the Stars

Looking at the stars Looking at the stars1 Looking at the stars6 Looking at the stars4 Looking at the stars3

A film by Alexandre Peralta.

Looking at the Stars is an intimate glimpse into the lives of the extraordinary ballerinas at the world’s only ballet school for the blind—the Fernanda Bianchini Ballet Association for the Blind.

​The stories of these dancers go beyond the challenge of learning to dance without a visual reference. Like many of us, these women want to be good professionals, partners, friends. They want to be relevant and self-sufficient. They work fiercely to become the best versions of themselves.

16:00 Session 2: Belgian dancefilms

selection Fulguration Inversa

This year, for the first time, we present a selection of Belgian dancefilms:

Fulguration Nathalie Papillon

Inversa by Flakorojas

Each one Another by Hiroshi Wakamatsu

Compared to me by Simon Van Der Zande

Touche by Dieter Deswarte & Benjamin Vandewalle

18:00 Session 3: X

60pulses Fall FFA Digital Afterlives Painting

Fall in movement by Mathilde Neau

3handstand by Nadi Gogoulou

Friends Forever Again by brenda Cruz

Digital Afterlives by Richard James Allen & Karen Pearlman

60 pulses by Aliki Chiotaki

Painting With The Man by Freya Olafson

Like A Snake In A Nature Reserve by André Chapatte

Il Giardino delle Erbacce by Virgilio Sieni

20:30 Selection l'art difficile de filmer la danse

CROWS Magna Competing Le reve

Competing for Sunlight’ - Oak by Dagmar Dachauer

Jonah by Andrew Ellis

Back-Wash by Andrea Hackl

Crows by Efrat Rubin

Le Rêve d'un Homme Ridicule by Antonin Blanc

The Magma Chamber by Shantala Pépe

Ma'-l'interval by Collectif Des Possibles

Insan by Tommy Pascal