Historical Part


The Cinematek is partner of the festival since 2013. This year we focus on Italian dance films.

In the beginning of the 80’s - similar to most european choreographers, the Italian choreographers and directors share a common enthusiasm towards American postmodern dance. They are interested in oriental martial arts and follow the performances of Pina Bausch and Merce Cunningham, who are on tour in Italy. They get inspired by the French 'cinéma d'auteur' and the radical theater experiences from masters as Peter Brook and Bob Wilson. But its thanks to the efforts of Carolyn Carlson in particular that the contemporary dance is enabled to thrive in Italy. At Teatro La Fenice, in Venice, she founded a group of which some of the members will be later known as the first generation of Italian contemporary choreographers: Caterina Sagna, Rafaella Giordano, Luisa Casiraghi, Roberto Castello, etc. To name just a few. In this context the first dance videos come to life.

For this part of the program over 300 dance films have been viewed from archives in different Italian cities. The artistic directors of our festival Stefanie Bodien and Wolfgang Kolb decided to focus on the period 1980 until 2000 and present you 3 sessions with 14 different Italian dance films.

17:00 Italian dancefilms - part 1

Le città d’acqua by Vittorio Nevano, choreography Carolyn Carlson, 1988.

The Tremendous Good Four and The Bad Two by Renato De Maria, choreography Sosta Palmizi, 1985.

Watching You Without Me, choreography Sosta Palmizi, 1988.

19:00 Italian dancefilms - part 2

Stanze di prova 1 Stanze di prova 2 Stanze di prova 3 Ettore e achille 1 Ettore e achille 2

Stanze di prova by Studio Azzurro, 1984.

Don't Walk Walk by Claudio Prati, choreography Ariella Vidach, 1987.

Il combattimento di ettore e achille by Studio Azzurro, 1989.

Tuffo nell'acqua e tonfi del cuore by Kiko Stella, choreography Laura Giambrocono & Cinzia Romiti, 1989.

Dolcemente by Italo Pesce Delfino, choreography Enzo Cosimi, 1989.

Il vento del capriccio by Italo Pesce Delfino, choreography Adriana Borriello, 1992.

21:00 Italian dancefilms - part 3

Espresso doppio 1 Espresso doppio 3 Espresso doppio 6 Remind rewind Remind rewind 2

Il guardiano dei coccodrilli by Kiko Stella, choreography Laura Balis & Cinzia Romiti, 1993.

Espresso doppio by Jens Greuner, choreography Rossella Fiumi, 1993.

Rewind, Remind and Forward, choreography Franca Ferrari, 1994.

Doom Window by Kinkaleri, 1997.

E-motion by Claudio Prati, choreography Ariella Vidach, 2000.