Belgian Beauties + The Seventh Seal

Friday's program is composed of two sessions of Belgian Beauties, which invite you to discover ten films made in Belgium. They will be followed by a third session with the screening of The Seventh Seal of Ingmar Bergman, inspiration for Jacek Krawczyk’ trilogie Siódma Pieczęć (Seventh Seal).

17:00 Belgian Beauties I

4000 coups 1 4000 coups 2 ghosts ghosts 2

Les 4000 coups, Frédéric Liver

Les 4000 coups shows Frédéric Liver taming Béjart's Boléro. With disconcerting seriousness and a lot of subtle humour, this quest fills his daily life - to our great pleasure. I

Ghosts of the Past, Michiel Vandevelde

In Ghosts of the Past, Michiel Vandevelde weaves fragments of his choreography into a work that never ceases to amaze with its strength and intensity. The industrial architecture of the PACT Zollverein in Essen (Germany) provides the setting for this breathtaking adventure.

19:00 Belgian Beauties II

geisterhand w hiddentity O yu the art of falling an illussion the ranch

Die Geisterhand, Antonin De Bemels

W., Francesca Rita Saraullo

HIDDENTITY, Olivia Grassot

O, Petronella Van Der Hallen

YU² (courage), Alain Honorez

The art of falling, JOJI INC

An Illusion, Louay Dabous & Mar Badal

The ranch is empty, Collectif Poetic Punkers: Muna Baradi & Natalia Vallebona

A session bringing together film and dance proposals which all speak, in one way or another, of isolation, identity, solitude and the particular place that the body takes when forced confinement distances people from each other. The health crisis has left its mark on these films, which date from the years 2020 - 2021, but what the dancers express has a universal and timeless scope, situated between solitary gestures and impulses of solidarity.

21:00 The Seventh Seal

The Seventh Seal, Ingmar Bergman, 1957

The mystical-magical Middle Ages of macabre dances, naive faith and the Apocalypse. Ingmar Bergman's Faust, projecting his doubts through each of the characters.