Online Festival

We are really happy to announce that the online version of the 9. international dancefilmfestival brussels l'art difficile de filmer la danse is out !

It was really important for us to go beyond the pandemic and manage to keep this deep connection we have all over the world. Dance has always brought us together, beyond borders, and this is not going to end.

This online version of the recent part of the Festival is our way of crossing boundaries and we are really excited to offer you the possibility to participate from wherever you are in the world. This version will be out from Saturday 3 October to Sunday 4 October. We hope you'll enjoy it.

We'd like to thank gratefully all the participants and we would love to meet you face to face one day.

You are invited to discover a selection of the recent and international dance films which were submitted to us. This year, the twenty-eight films from twenty different countries will be divided into three screenings.

Session 1 :

Session 2 :

Session 3 :

15:00 Session 1 :

17:00 Session 2 :

19:30 Session 3 :